Prosecco Pong

Fulfil all of your pong needs all week!

Who said drinking games couldn’t be classy? Beer pong is so passé, time to try … prosecco pong!

Perfect for small friends gathering or to spice up your corporate drinks, prosecco pong is a new activity storming the capital. Try it first at trapeze!
With Happy Hour running from Tuesday – Saturday, why not get your pong on!
Feeling tempted yet? There’s no fee to book the tables, you just need to buy your prosecco bottle.
If you prefer getting down and dirty, we can always offer a good ol’ game of beer pong and for the purists – we also have a regular ping pong table.
Tables are available on a first come first served basis, get in touch to ensure yours is booked and maybe add one of our lovely carousel booths for your breaks.
The Bellini: invented in Venice in 1948, this cocktail is a combination of fizzy prosecco and ripe peaches.


So why Prosecco?

We all know Prosecco is delicious and bubbly… but do you know its history ?

Prosecco is an Italian white wine made mostly out of Glera grapes, formerly known as prosecco grapes. Their name comes from the village of prosecco in Northern Italy, in the vicinity of trieste, where it originated from. A very popular drink in Italy, it was served in 1574 to king Henry III of Poland on his way to be crowned in France and its first official written mention was made in 1754. Its production differs from champagne as it uses the “Charmat” method: wine, yeast and sugar are mixed together in a stainless steel tank until it ferments, providing the beloved bubbles of the prosecco. This production technique also makes prosecco much more affordable than champagne !

Prosecco is a versatile drink that has become a staple of many famous cocktails : the Venetian Bellini, the Spritz (with Aperol, Campari…) and it is a great replacement in mimosas.

Here at Trapeze, we pride ourselves on our happy hour (voted best of Shoreditch by DesignMyNight!) and our amazing offers include bottles of prosecco at £18 ! So whether you want to sit down and sip on some bubbles or discover prosecco pong, there is something for everyone.

Aperol Spritz

The Spritz: Aperol or Campari, orange and lemon slices, prosecco.


The Mimosa: for this classic cocktail, replace champagne with prosecco and add orange juice for those mornings when alcohol is an option!
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