Please use our simple online form, call or email us to make reservation. We just need to know your group number, preferred date and time and we’ll do the rest. You’re just moments away from getting ringside seats to the best party in town!


Our glorious carousel circus themed signature booths seat up to 8 people and great base table/area for up to 30 people with one of our extensions. 5 Booths available in the Main Bar opposite the bar and dancefloor. If you have more than 35 people you may require 2 booths.

Window area

It seats up to 20-25 guests and is a great base area for up to 40 guests. It is a part of the Main Bar and has chairs, high tables and low tables for your convenience. This area is fully customisable so feel free to come down and have a look!

High Tables

There are centre bar elevated tables, a base area to put down your drinks and gravitate around but not a seating area. The tables are available until 10:45PM as we need to make more space for the crowd! No minimum spend or deposit needed! Just reconfirm over the phone!

Exclusive Mezzanine

Seats up to 20-25 guests and works as a base area for up to 60-70 guests. Complete with a newly refurbished cocktail bar and your very own bar tender! This semi-private balcony level overlooks our dance floor and Main Bar area under a massive disco ball! If you want to have that VIP feel and quick access to the dance floor on the night, then The Mezzanine is the space for you.

Section of Mezzanine

Want that VIP feeling but with a few less people? We can offer a section in our Mezzanine with all the perks of the circus! Overlook the dancefloor and have your very own cocktail bar!

Whole venue

When you’re the most popular cat in town you need space for you and your people! Exclusive hire of all 3 floors is available at Trapeze Bar! From Fashion shows to networking to straight partying, we cater for it all so give one of our Ringmasters a call and book your event in today!

Main Bar and Mezzanine

Catering for all your private hire needs the main bar and Mezzanine offers all the fun of the fair including the following, popcorn machine, two fully functioning cocktail bars, 5 signature carousel booths, DJ booth, Mezzanine area, beer pong, food and much much more! Perfect for big events, networking etc.

Basement club

Huge open plan bar and dance floor, fixed seating, DJ booth, cloakroom, toilets, its own entrance and new fancy pants effects lighting for all the hot steppers.

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