Happy Hour

Time to shake off those Monday and midweek Blues and sip on a cocktail (or 2!) while you enjoy some great food surrounded by our beautiful faded circus décor. The best part is its 50% off food and happy hour on cocktails! Who said week-days were all doom and gloom?

Cocktails included in our Award winning Happy Hour all for just £4.00! Try our Sideshow Bob…


We cater to bookings large and small! To enquire just give us a call on 02077396747 or book online here!

Sideshow Bob Trapeze

Sideshow Bob – One-time sidekick of Krusty and the arch-nemesis of a certain Springfield dwelling and skateboarding ten-year-old boy.

Spiced Rum, cherry brandy, pineapple, and lime

Pogo the Clown Trapeze

Pogo The Clown – The stage name of a Mr. John Wayne Gacy Jr. If you don’t know who that is then it may be better to leave it that way.

A sinister blend of gin, citrus fruits and elderflower