Wednesday Treat : Happy Hour All Night!

Back in February for all to enjoy!

At Trapeze, we pride ourselves on our fun, creative and extended list of cocktails and what better way to showcase them than with Happy Hour all night ?!

With cocktails like Would I Lychee To You?, Pennywise Lives or the Snake Charmer, our list will never cease to amaze and delight you and your guests, as part of one of the best drinks offers in London.

In fact, we wouldn’t want to brag but… our Happy Hour is so good it has been voted best of the Shoreditch/Hoxton/Dalston area by users of Design My Night !

Our bartenders are trained to make our 20+ exclusive cocktails but can also serve all the classics if you ask them nicely!

Just so you can get a little taste of Trapeze at home, here is the recipe for one of our newest additions:

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The Human Cannonball recipe

1) Things you’ll need:

-a shaker
-a stirring spoon
-a measurer
-a juicer
-40mL Absolut vodka vanilla
-25mL Mango Puree
-25mL Lychee juice
-10mL lime juice
-1 barspoon/ 5mL of Yuzu tea
-Mint sprig for garnish

2) Juice your lemon and add the juice to the shaker.
3) Add a spoon of Yuzu tea and all the other ingredients.
4) Fill your shaker with ice. Put the lid back on.
5) Shake it baby !

6) Fill your juicer with a bit of crushed ice, then press as you usually would.
7) Gently slide the ice out, now you have an ice bowl.
8) Pour the content of the shaker inside your glass of choice, then add the ice bowl on top and use it as a cup for a bit of Yuzu.
9)Add mint sprigs for garnish and voilà ! Your cocktail is ready. Sit back, sip it and enjoy the show.